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January 3, 2012 |

ProPatterns team member Matt Reed makes a lure adjustment, one of the things he and other pros discuss in the new "Exposed" video series that debuts Jan. 4 from ProPatterns. (PAA: Chris Dutton)

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Ever wondered what it’s like to be in the boat with a professional angler during a tournament practice day?

Not when they’re on the stage, smiling with their big fish or talking about how the bite was good or bad. But on the water before the tournament starts, when they’re making decisions, narrowing their strategies and trying to crack the code?

Now you can, with the new ProPatterns “Exposed: Pros on Tour” video series with 21 of the top bass pros on the circuit. The series will debut Jan. 4 and will be available on a pay-per-view format or for free to ProPatterns Elite members.

“Many of the anglers in the video series are PAA members and we’re pleased to be partnering with ProPatterns to help anglers expand their fishing knowledge,” said PAA President Dave Mansue. “These pros offer decades of experience that can help anglers learn about different techniques and strategies to improve their own fishing skills. The educational value of these videos will be a benefit to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge, along with seeing some of the behind-the-scenes action.”

An additional bonus for PAA members is the ProPatterns Pay Day program, which pays $100 to members who win qualifying tournaments and are Pro Patterns Elite members. If you’re a PAA member but not a ProPatterns member and win, you’ll get a free $100 membership to ProPatterns.

ProPatterns members also will be eligible to compete in Fantasy Fishing for a chance to win an exclusive, expenses-paid pheasant hunt with the pros in the pheasant capital of the world,South Dakota.

Tournament angler Heath Smith of Gadsden, Ala., became interested in the ProPatterns electronic journal data system, which provides anglers a way to log information and glean tips from other anglers. Smith fishes on Neely Henry Lake, which will host a Bass Pro Shops PAA Tournament Series event in July, along with other regional events.

“I have always thought that ProPatterns had a great concept in being able to electronicaly input your data collected while fishing different bodies of water, (although) I have always just used journals to keep that information myself,” Smith said. “When they introduced the Exposed video series it really piqued my interest and made me commit to the Elite membership level.

“It wasn’t until I joined that I truly understood the whole concept and just how helpful this website is to all anglers at any skill level. I use the website to search what other well-known anglers have caught fish on during there time on a lake that I am going to.”

Smith is prepping for the Bassmaster Open onFlorida’s famed Harris Chain in a few weeks. ProPatterns helped him get a head start on his tackle selection.

“I pulled up the journal entries from anglers such as Brian Snowden, Matt Reed, and Jami Fralick on that lake from last year,” Smith said. “Using the entries, I was able to get a good idea of certain baits to begin my practice efforts with before ever getting to the lake. I will also be using the website to document all of my entries as well so that I can use them for future reference. I think that any angler looking to gain an advantage should look into this site to improve their knowledge.”

Pros in the Exposed series offer their thoughts on everything from tackle selection and boat positioning to why they’re in a specific area or when they make a move. On-the-water experience is a must to improve fishing skills, but watching and learning from the top pros can offer insight that sometimes might be missed.

“The Exposed videos are what made me pull the trigger on the (ProPatterns) Elite membership,” Smith said. “We all get to see the grip and grins of the tournament on television. However, we very rarely if ever get to see the hard work put forth during the practice days to find the fish. I have often wondered if on my practice days I am going about finding fish in the most effective manner.

“The video series will take us in the boats with the pros while they practice and I will hopefully be able to learn some new tactics for practicing and covering water, and maybe I can put that question mark out of mind by seeing how these guys go about practice.

“With the first of the video segments being shot on the Harris Chain it was a no-brainer for me. I had to sign up to get a look at how some of the best in the world used there time to locate fish. If it allows me to catch one more fish or find fish faster then the membership cost has more than paid for itself!”

The ProPatterns Exposed series will continue to grow with the pros throughout 2012 as more shows are produced. But to get started now, you have to join!

For information on how to join ProPatterns, visit this link.






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  1. Chad Ekroth says:

    We’ve had incredible feedback on the premier videos, everyone I’ve talked to said they cannot wait to see more. There will be straight 8 weeks of premiers. Next on the agenda is Zell Rowland, Jason Quinn, and Jami Fralick. If you haven’t seen Brian Snowden and Tim Horton you need to check them out.