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Why Join the PAA – The Professional Anglers Association

The PAA exists to give professional anglers a unified voice in order to aid in the growth of the sport of professional bass fishing, to administer educational programs to the average angler to increase his enjoyment of the sport, and to embrace sound conservation practices to further the future of our sport.

Being a member of the Professional Anglers Association means you care about the future of the sport of fishing, as well as the industry that provides the products we use in pursuit of our pastime. Sign up today and start enjoying the many benefits of being a PAA member!

Reasons You Should Join the PAA

The PAA consists of many of the best anglers from all professional fishing leagues and welcomes anglers regardless of league or sponsorship affiliation.

A Voice!

The PAA is owned and operated by you, the anglers, and you have a voice.

Voting Privileges

Tour-level and Legends-level members have voting privileges for PAA decisions including electing the Board of Directors, who listens to you and makes decisions for the best interests of the organization.

PAA BPS Tournament Series

PAA tournaments offer more opportunities to make money, showcase your skills and your sponsors, and extend your tournament season.

Manufacturer Discounts

Our partners in the PAA Affinity Program offer great discounts on rods, reels, tackle, hotels and more, which helps you finanicially and strengthens relationships within the industry.

PayDay Program

The PAA PayDay Program offers bonuses for qualifying General-level and Advantage-level members in thousands of tournaments across the country each year starting at the grassroots level, with more than $22,000 awarded in 2009 and 2010.

Membership Pack

When you join, the welcome package consists of a PAA cap (available for every membership level except the Affinity-level), two PAA decals, a membership card and access to the Members Only site and PAA Affinity Program.

Special Events

You may participate in or qualify for other PAA events such as the Corporate Cup and Toyota Texas Bass Classic, and through networking opportunities expand your relationships that could lead to future sponsorships.

Exclusive Member Promotions

From monthly prize packs, to membership sample opportunities, new members are automatically registered for a variety of promotions throughout the year.

Affinity Level ($20)

Membership dues for an AFFINITY Membership are $20 per year. This level is open to anyone and includes:

  • PAA membership card and decals
  • Beneficial discounts through the PAA Affinity Partner Program for rods, reels, lures, line, boating and vehicle accessories, hotel rates and more from 50 participating sponsors

General Level ($50)

A GENERAL Membership is $50 per year and is open to all anglers competing at any class besides Tour level events, as well as any individual interested in supporting the PAA and the sport of fishing.

This level of membership includes eligibility:

Advantage Level ($150)

The membership dues for an ADVANTAGE Membership are $150 per year. This level is open to anglers who fish the FLW EverStart Series, Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Opens, WON BASS, U.S. Opens, and/or BassChamps.

This level of membership includes eligibility:

  • For higher Advantage Winner bonuses through the PAA PAYDAY program for any sanctioned tournament trails they may fish
  • For deeper discounts in some instances through the PAA Affinity Partner Program with participating companies
  • Fish as a Co-Angler in one of our upcoming events

Tour Level ($400)

This membership level is open to anglers who fish a minimum of 4 events in the following circuits: Bassmater Elite Series, FLW Tour Majors, FLW Tour Opens OR fish any of the PAA Tournament Series events.

This level of membership includes eligibility:

  • To participate as a pro in any PAA Tournament Series Event
  • To earn points in the PAA Points Structure for ” invitational” PAA events
  • For deep discounts through the PAA Affinity Partner Program with participating companies
  • For voting rights with the PAA