PayDay Program Rules

2014 PayDay Program Rules:

  1. Program dates are from Jan. 1, 2014 to Dec. 31, 2014.
  2. For the Weekend Winner Bonus, angler must be a paid General member or Advantage member of the PAA the day before the sanctioned Weekend Winner Tournament takes place.
  3. For the Advantage Winners Bonus, angler must be a paid Advantage member of the PAA the day before the sanctioned Advantage Winner Tournament begins.
  4. For the Classic and Cup Qualifier Bonuses, angler must be a paid General or Advantage Member of the PAA before March 1, 2014.
  5. Angler must display or wear at least one of the following PAA logos during the entire tournament day(s) including weigh-in: PAA approved hat, PAA distributed decal sticker on the windshield of their competing boat and tow vehicle, any PAA distributed shirt, and/or PAA logo on the front of the angler’s tournament jersey. Only exceptions are if the tournament organization does not allow the PAA logo to be displayed or if the angler’s membership materials have not arrived to him/her from the PAA Office in time for the event. Photo proof of logo display must be provided with application for bonus. Applicants may submit photo via email to
  6. Anglers must be the first place single overall winner of the sanctioned event. Big fish awards, ties, and winners decided by chance are not eligible for bonuses.  All first place winners of a sanctioned PayDay Program event must submit a PAA Tournament Bonus Claim Form and all necessary supporting documentation as outlined in these rules to be eligible for bonus money.
  7. General members of PAA are eligible to win up to $500 in calendar year 2014 and Advantage members can win up to $1,500 in that same time period.  In the event an Advantage Winner Bonus win occurs after a Weekend Winner Bonus, the winner will receive the balance due for that win up to the maximum payout for a year. The Classic and Cup Qualifier Bonuses do not count towards the maximum bonus amount for the year.
  8. Sanctioned trail’s event must have a minimum of 35 boats participating to be eligible for this program.
  9. In the event of a team sanctioned event, each team member will be eligible for half of the bonus amount if each member meets all guidelines set forth in the rules. If only one team member qualifies for the bonus, that member will receive their half of the eligible bonus only. Each member must submit their own claim form to the PAA in order to collect their bonus.
  10. Concurrent sanctioned events, where two or more events take place at the same time and allow entrants in each event to use the same fish for both weigh-ins, are NOT eligible.
  11. All PAA tournament bonus claim forms must be submitted within 30 days of the tournament win and can be obtained through downloading the claim form below or by contacting the PAA office at (270) 527-2030. Claim form must come complete with some form of official tournament results verification (ex. newsletter/magazine listing, website results printout, original hard-copy of tournament standings, or copy of winning check) depicting PAA member’s first place finish and a participating field of 35 or more boats and a photo of the PAA logo displayed at the event won. Please allow 4-6 weeks for approval and processing. Winning PAA member is solely responsible for submitting the completed claim form and accompanying tournament results verification to: PAA, PayDay Program Claims, P.O. Box 655, Benton, KY 42025.
  12. The complete list of sanctioned events will be updated by the PAA regularly on Tournaments may be added or deleted at any time at the discretion of the PAA.